Monthly Archives: December 2011


Last night I dreamt that I secretly got onto a bus that was to bring me back home from a rural area (possibly Mainland China at that) even though the tickets were sold out before I acquired one myself. Seating myself near the end of the one-storey bus, I was then discovered by the passengers around me to be in lack of my share of the fare, in the form of the precious piece of printed paper.

Not sure whether I was kicked off or not.

For some of our friends, we got together (physically or virtually, over msn) solely for old time’s sake. But can one persistently live their life for old time’s sake? If not, how can one live if not for old time’s sake? (Am thinking that this may have something to do with history – personal and collective, conservation of old buildings, antiques and their value.. etc which are possibly not totally unrelated to my random musings over sudden pangs of nostalgia, over sudden urges to hug old friends that won’t be possible to realise anymore)


She’s gorgeous!!!!!


Monster Graffiti