Losing my wallet

Yesterday I lost my wallet on the bus / taxi on my way home, because I had forgotten to zip up the pocket of my tracksuit in which I placed the now-lost item.

Since I did not need to use it after I got onto the bus, I did not notice that it was gone until this morning, when I was packing my things for work.

Indeed, I am very distraught that this could be happening, not only because:

1) the wallet is an expensive gift from my BF which he got from Paris

2) it would be a big hassle to replace the identity cards, not to mention quite costly

but more importantly, it is because I am really angry with myself for letting this happen again and again, never learning my lesson to be more careful. 

It is the one day that I am not carrying a bag, but rather putting the wallet in my tracksuit, and there goes my wallet. I would rather have lost my phone because I have all my contacts stored away anyway, and it is such an old phone already. But no, I had to go ahead and lose the special gift from my BF. And just yesterday, I got really mad at him over nothing, showing my anger in front of my dad and my brother, and I’m really really upset that all of this happened at a time when I am supposed to be really happy that I had completed the half marathon in reasonable time. Now the 1000 that my dad is giving me for completing is going to go down the drain with my lost wallet. 

I really would like the Serenity Prayer to do its work on me now, but it just ain’t happening. 

But then, I suddenly came across a link on Cathay Pacific’s homepage that mentioned something about the Japanese earthquake survivors. Although it’s not their fault that their homes were destroyed (unlike in my case in which there exists alot of self-blame), I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to have completely lost all your belongings, even the place you could rest and live your life. In any case, I can still replace my wallet, it is just a matter of paying up. I should be more careful but also more grateful for what I have.

I’ll get over this and I will be stronger as a person in all aspects.


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