We all have to grow up, think for ourselves, and take responsibility for ourselves. I have to be more careful, less absent-minded, and that will make me someone who can accrue more trust from people. This is what I can do for my loved ones. 

Indeed, my childhood had been so good that I may have been conditioned into thinking that the past will always be better than the present. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  The future is what you make of it.

Less attachment to worldly possessions. Greater effort into pursuit of true happiness and fulfillment. Be more mature, because it’s time to transform again.

No pressure, but good encouragement. Confidence, Cohen! 


Some more thoughts from last night’s movie: Groundhog Day

Life can only go up after you hit rock bottom. No one is compelled to love you. You must continually dedicate yourself to the betterment of yourself in order to become someone that both you and others around you can love. Once you realize that, Life can become something worthwhile again, where there is constant progress for something better with each ounce of effort put in.

Even though yesterday was a day of sadness and regret for my stupid mistake, I realized many things like how caring my family is, and how reassuring it is to have someone like RJ, who would try with all his methods to make you feel better again. Also, it is yesterday that I have many friends getting in touch again, like Gordon’s movie tickets, Gary, Swift, Athena, all of whom make me feel that much better, even if they did not know about the incident. Perhaps human beings are just that simple, they simply need to be in touch with people and feel that they matter. At least, let’s not let this bother me too much, but use it for fuel to become a better me, to myself and to others. I, for one, should start believing in me again. 


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