A Trek around the Peak, Mother’s Day, and the case with smart phones

Yesterday was the annual day of celebration for the unconditional maternal love that almost every human being experiences and can associate with.

It started out quite horrendously with waking up at 7am after a late Saturday night, and some grumpiness from everyone. Anyway, it was much better once we started walking (sports puts people in good moods again), but I’m sorry to say that my heart was not in the event at all – I was thinking about all the times I have had trips to the peak in the past few years – with Red Tokens during orientation, with the ex-co’s from other halls for 20hr Famine event organized by JHDC, with Beethoven (from which a photo with R was framed into a puzzle by the sons and daughters). It’s funny how going back to a place can trigger memories so poignantly. I found myself missing both S and R – people leave their marks, I’m not surprised, and I ain’t gonna refuse to admit these feelings either.

“Every man has within his own reminiscences certain things he doesn’t reveal to anyone, except, perhaps, to his friends.  There are also some that he won’t reveal even to his friends, only to himself perhaps, and even then, in secret. Finally, there are some which a man is afraid to reveal even to himself; every decent man has accumulated a fair number of such things. In fact, it can even be said that the more decent the man, the more of these things he’s accumulated… Is it possible to be absolutely honest even with one’s own self and not to fear the whole truth?”

Anyhow, we finished the trek, enjoyed a great ferry ride to TST, and had lunch at a Thai restaurant which Mum ended up really liking. However, we didn’t do much more for her. In fact, I had thought about making heart-shaped eggs for her, but just never got round to it? Sometimes I do think that I am the most lazy and ungrateful daughter in the world…

“I even believe that the best definition of man is this: a creature who walks on two legs and is ungrateful.”

At night I accidentally erased all the contacts, photos and whatsapp history from my phone while syncing it to my itunes. Brilliant! Why do I do this every time without learning from my mistakes? Remind me again of how the hero keeps making wrong judgments based on his fixated view of the world. Want to do something to instill more life in my life again. Maybe we can start with some sports tomorrow? ;]

QUOTES from Notes from Underground By Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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