Monthly Archives: June 2012

life with the new boyf

well, it’s been a while. today is jun 20, nearly 2 weeks after the previous post.

we got together on 1st june? so that means we’ve nearly been together for a month.

i perceive in myself some minute changes that may be representing fundamental seismic shifts from the very bottom up. hearing about his life stories, his aspirations, the experiences of his friends, and sharing our hopes and fears has made me a different person now than i was just a few weeks ago.

together with the re-reading of the 7 habits, there exists inside of me a new current – one that is willing to grow, to take responsibility for myself, and to learn to love someone in a selfless manner.

but then again, i do realise that part of me is still clinging to an unhealthy attachment to another person, which manifests itself in a persisting need of their attention and affection. how do i balance my needs with my their needs? is it an alignment /synchronization of needs? or is it a compromise? an understanding?

how do i balance everything, from work, my career aspirations, family, friends, church, to boyfriend? how do i turn away from bad habits and attitudes from the past so that i am more likely to succeed this time?

what is success? what is my goal? who/what comes first?

i guess it’s really time to sit down and seriously think about my personal mission statement