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the fight is on.


just want to note down here, this day after the long, long talk with my parents about my future.

in some instances, i did fail to take care of myself – to think about what i want to do for a career. sometimes i wasted all that time, doing things that aren’t very constructive. yet, lost time cannot be retrieved. what can be changed for the better is my attitude.

obviously, the process of searching for one’s purpose will not finish overnight. therefore, what’s needed here is a lot of persistence as well as patience. Those have never been my forte, but now is not the time to surrender.

the fight is on.

pain is distracting


I feel confused. in a good way. Not worrying-confused, just confused, bordering on curious.

1. should we opt for quality of life (going out and chillaxing on weekends, looking for good food, doing sports, going on long travels as often as work permits – or even quitting work every now and then to travel to one’s heart’s content), OR, should we grab every minute to study, to learn more, to discipline ourselves for some perceived-to-be-better rewards in the future? if the answer is a balance in between, what are the principles for striking such a balance?

2. what should we do if we pursued an interest only to realise that our passion for it is not that deep? do we keep pressing on with diligence and perseverance, or do we try new experiences to see if our interests lie somewhere else?

3. how important is networking? while it seems that many jobs are found through friends, does networking create real friends? and how much time should one dedicate to one’s ‘real’ friends? and how much time should we set aside for our family?