hmm… yesterday was the opening of our new office at wellington st.

at the opening, i found myself wondering around, without anyone to talk to. i guess i figured that no one would be interested in talking to me. but is that true? perhaps. what’s definitely true is that i still consider myself different from the 30-sth and 40-sth, but that really should not be my mindset. ¬†anyway it was a relief when nancy asked me to be in charge of the camera (probably after she saw me wondering around with nothing to do). and to be fair, i couldn’t very much stand there and talk to someone for long because nancy was always calling me to get the door, get more food etc etc

the surprise (for me) is that i found that i didn’t mind wiping the floor, cleaning after people and taking the coats. perhaps i have finally become humbled by the year of working in luxury retail in a 2-person company, where i am always going to be the ah 4 when the situation arises.



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