this morning, as dad and i were riding the lift down to go to work, a little something made me chuckle at the time, and later evolved into a small thinking session.

what happened was that a little boy and his mother were in the lift first, and then a man came in holding a banana in his hand (his breakfast, I presume). the little boy probably just learned the word banana and what it looks like, and he very cutely pronounced the word as loud and clear for everyone in the lift, and i immediately chuckled. to award the boy, the man promptly gave him the banana.

well, how often do we really ask for something in life? of life? of the people around us? how often does our sense of entitlement changes or reinforces what we strive for or what we get in the end?

i thought about God’s promise: ask and it shall be given to you.

and about the students i met yesterday, who have been born into well-endowed settings.

and about my relationship, where each person is simultaneously a giver and a taker.

i guess there are two dimensions to this: on one level, it is about what you expect, and on the other, what you actually ask for.

it’s not much of a daunting riddle to solve, just want to note this down while i’m grappling with these thoughts.


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