few thoughts on the strange behaviours of HK people:

1) what is it with HK people and lining up?

9:30am you get 30 people lining up in Central (Central Business District) for cookies

7:30pm you get 50 people lining up for Simply Life (a restaurant) in Festival Walk when 15min from there in IFC Central you can get a table without waiting.

2) What is it with women obsessed with marrying a rich guy like it will make her happily ever after?

like those 3 women of 25-35, discussing about their colleague’s ring for 15 min then continue to talk about where to find a rich husband for the rest of their lunch (from a Catholic church, because apparently Protestants are from more grassroots origins).

and this 25+ woman on the MTR this morning who had a huge plastic phone strap with 4 words: 嫁有錢人 (marry a rich guy)

well rich people are real people too, and they know when someone loves them for real and when someone just wants their money. if you are not pretty like the movie stars, why not just work hard to earn the money yourself instead of having to rely on a stupid man who is stupid enough to take you as his wife without knowing that you are just in it for the money?

the thing that bothers me most is not that they have these thoughts, but the fact that they talk about it so loudly and/or display it so outrageously for others to see, as if this mentality is something to be proud of.

3) this morning on the train, two women right next to me studied the long news article in their morning papers about how Chrissie Chau has dumped her unfaithful boyfriend and how she tacitly acknowledged that Alex Fong has a chance with her. It goes without saying that a super sexy picture of her was included in the article. But still, why waste 5 minutes of their life being engrossed in something like that?


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