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To do list

– watch Amour

– sign up for an art course

– go visit st james’ creation ceramic gallery

– coursera courses

– keep looking for sw related openings

– decide on travel plans for late May


If everyone was blind, how would you be described?

Thought Catalog

I find it fascinating that people are usually described, initially at least, by a brief summary of their physical attributes and anything else that is outwardly recognizable. The first things we tend to first reach for when explaining someone are their hair color, clothing style, height, weight, job, or other successes. Even when we note that so-and-so is a really great person, that fact usually doesn’t stand alone. It’s sandwiched between other physical descriptors.

But that would make sense, right? Those are the obvious, most easily definable and recognizable things in a person. When we try to paint a picture of someone, we want to use what will best facilitate a visual. I get that. But the problem is that as much as we define other people within those means, I think we can sometimes begin to think of ourselves as being only the summation of what others can perceive.

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我曾為你快樂 也曾為你挫折
曾把你 緊緊抱著 緊緊依賴著 緊緊地愛著
離開很不捨得 以為會崩潰的
卻在最痛的時刻 最感覺清澈


i thought it would be good. but i never got rid of the doubts. he pushed me for many things. i pushed him for my share. not a healthy relationship. less and less connectedness. so we are here. again. like we only just met. and we are only the most normal kind of friends.

we will miss the memories, and that’s it. we move on. we learn, hopefully the full lesson.

i feel on the verge of tears and i listen to songs that speak to my situation, which makes me cry more. but i think that’s good. get it out of my system. the feelings. of regret, of the disappointment. of the loss of something precious. of the loss of hope, of the mistakes.

it’s ok. i can get through this. this is what i need. be strong, my dear.

What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?