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How Do You Make Life-Changing Decisions?

Thought Catalog

First, you get rid of the notion that anything about your life is really at stake. Whatever happens, you’ll be fine. You’re not deciding whether to opt for chemo or not.

That is to say: calm down. We, the young and ambitious, deal almost exclusively with rich white people problems. We’re not going to starve if we make the wrong decision.* There is very little we can’t undo.

Of course, that doesn’t make life-changing decisions any less intimidating or take away the fact that the adults in our lives did next to nothing in the way of preparing us. I think that’s why since I dropped out of school (and wrote about it as it was happening) people have been coming to me as though I have some special insight on making these kinds of calls. Since I did it then and have done it several times since, they…

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I wonder about this continuous journey and lesson in life, where we see our weakness closeup and raw, then come out the other side stronger. Sometimes we regress, or backtrack to places where we haven’t lingered long enough yet. It seems that the process is idiosyncratic, but at the same time it’s not that hard to find someone who shares your needs and your dreams. When that happens, we find it easy to become partners. You share whatever insights and resources you have, as well as your worries and fears. It’s always better when you got someone else on your side. Or so it seems. Until you realize that there are some things you cannot learn when you’re with someone else. As the circles closes itself, the only thing left to do, is to keep walking, build up your strength, and patiently, half foolishly and half determinedly, wait until that day when the impossible might finally happen.

I wonder about this continuous journey and lesson